Lianying with love for school of earthquake-stricken areas on

The Lianying Company responds to the aseismatic proposal that was born on 15th, May 2008, made by the China Educational Instrument& Equipment. After the board of directors, donates the aseismatic goods to the disaster school on 5.12 WenChuan Earthquake.

Lianying Educational Equipment Company will donate 1000sets of wooden-steel desks and chairs. That equals to the 148,000. The delivery period is 15th, June 2008.
Lianying Teaching Instrument will endow the Aseismatic School with the teaching instrument in common elementary and secondary school. Tat equals to RMB28, 000. The delivery of period is 20th, June 2008.

“Heart to WenChuan, Associate with Education”, it is our duty to pursuit to the children’s need. Going to our aids for the children of the earthquake-stricken area. Fully carry forwards the sprit of Lianying with motion “Associate with Education, Dedicate to Society”.

Post time: Jun-23-2020