transparent teaching frog skeleton specimen for teaching

transparent teaching frog skeleton specimen for teaching

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Zhejiang, China
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transparent teaching frog skeleton
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Automotive Trainer
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Senior School
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transparent teaching frog skeleton specimen for teachingn

The embeded specimen is no smell, no toxicity. They can be presserved for long and easier to carry than those saved in formalin liquid.

Skeleton of a frog: web-footed amphibian which lives near lakes                                 and ponds. Moves by swimming and jumping.
Maxillary: bony part of the jaw.
Orbital cavity: skull cavity that contains the eye.
Quadratojugal: cheek bone.
Prootic: bones forming the auditory region.
Phalange: each of the small bones forming the fingers.
Occipital lateral: occipital lateral bone.
Carpus: each of the bones forming the wrist.
Metacarpus: each of the bones forming the part of the hand                                between the fingers and the wrist.
Urostyle: adaptation of one or several vertebrae, stretching the                      hindquarters.
Ilium: projecting hip bone.
Ischium: one of three bones forming the ilium.
Calcaneum: projecting heel bone.
Talus: bone jointed with the leg bones.
Phalanges: each of the bones forming the toes.
Metatarsus: each of the bones forming the part of the foot                                 between the toes and the heel.
Tarsus: each of the bones forming the heel.
Femur: thigh bone.
Tibiofibula: leg bone.
Sacral vertebra: vertebra of the sacrum.
Vertebra: each of the bones forming the spinal column.
Humerus: arm bone.
Radio-ulna: forearm bone.
Scapular: shoulder bone.
Pterygoid: one of the bones of the palate, forming the root of the                     mouth.
Skull: bony case of the brain.

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Ql: What certificates have you obtained? 
Al: We got IS014001:2004. ISO9001:2008, OHSAS18001:2007 and CE certificates.
Q2: What is the payment term? 
A2: We accept T/T, 30% deposit & 70% balance payment before shipping, and Western Union.
Q3: Are you a factory or trading company? 
A3: We are a Industry and trade integration enterprise with a history of 30 years.

Q4: What products do your factory produce? 
A4: we make 280 different teaching instruments for universal instruments, electromagnetism,

mechanics, biology and etc.

Q5: Do you provide OEM services? 
A5: Yes. we do.

Q6: Do you procure educational equipments for clients?Will it raise purchasing costs? 
A6: Yes, we do procure.
Our company cooperates with more than 50 high quality teaching instruments manufacturers

in China and has set up a joint marketing network.The product line contains almost all

teaching instruments, and we are very competitive in price

Q7:What countries do you export to? 
A7:we export to Switzerhland,India,Malaysia,America,Japan,Canada,Austrilia,North africa and many other countries.


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