Why can smart meters replace old meters?

In recent years, electricity meters have been replaced on a large scale in most regions. Many residents have asked the same question: the old meter is fine. Why use a smart meter instead? Some consumers report that smart meters have long since been replaced at home, but electricity bills have gone up a lot. Do smart meters run faster than mechanical watches? It is not difficult to see that everyone still has less mastery of smart meters.
After the mechanical equipment meter is replaced by the smart meter, many customers are still not used to it, but the smart meter does provide a lot of convenience to social life. The electricity meter of mechanical equipment is of the quantity control type, indicating the power consumption, and the smart meter is of the cost control type, indicating the power consumption. In the future, the peak and valley electricity price period will be implemented. After the step electricity price, the electricity meter will automatically deduct the cost according to the electricity price of different time periods. If the account balance of the customer’s purchase of the electricity card has not been consumed, the pricing department will adjust the electricity bill, and the smart meter will immediately carry out the corresponding price adjustment, which is convenient for the customer to settle in real time.
After replacing the electric meter, the householder does not need to insert the IC card, but completes the automatic charging after purchasing the switching power supply. As long as they pay after reporting their full address to the business outlet, they will be remotely controlled to key the purchase level into the meter. Employees can collect and monitor the power information content and operation status of the connected meter according to the electronic computer remote control.
Compared with traditional old electricity meters, smart electricity meters are more sensitive and can accurately measure the functional loss of household appliances when they are dormant. This is also a key reason why many households feel that their electricity bills have increased after replacing their electricity meters. The staff of the power distribution department said that they expect customers not to worry about new meters, unified procurement and bidding for intelligent power, and inspections by the metrology and verification supervision departments in large cities to fully ensure the quality. If the customer has doubts about the meter installed by the power distribution department, it is necessary to ask the relevant quantity unit to carry out certification.
Today’s smart meters are very intelligent, and can complete the prepayment system software that first collects electricity bills and then applies them, which solves the problem of water and electricity bills owed by managers. For managers with overdue loans and rents, they can set up intelligent power-off locks in the background management of Mimitou Family to reasonably eliminate the difficult problem of rent collection. It is suitable for high-efficiency and convenient management methods for homes, public rental housing, short-term rental housing, residential public places, office spaces, hotels, restaurants and other commercial blocks, colleges, processing plants, government departments, etc.

Post time: Mar-10-2022