Company Wenzhou Lianying Teaching Instrument Co.,Ltd

Our company is the only joint-venture enterprise in the teaching instrument trade of China that integrates  production and administration with a total investment of more than 10 million yuan, the fixed assets of more than 6 million yuan, as well as a total factory area available of 16 mou. It has been more than 10 years since we introduced advanced equipment, education laboratory equipment, labor technique equipment and office equipment and since we produced specialize teaching instrument, which has been sold in 24 provinces, cities and counties and also the southeast Asian countries. The number of self-produced instrument is up to more than 100, including labor technique equipment and education laboratory equipment. Most instruments have been tested qualified by State Education Ministry and therefore get fine response from our consumers. Education laboratory equipment and labor technique equipment therein have been listed by State Education Ministry into the research project of “21st Century Classroom”, and specialized unit to draft trade standard by State Education Ministry, and listed into the fixed production unit by Shanghai Education Technology Material Department and Hubei Teaching Technology Material Division. Our company was selected as “Zhejiang key recommended enterprise of highgrade teaching instrument and equipment” by Family Education Guide of Zhejiang Daily in May, 2002 and was selected “Unit of Reliable Quality of 2002” by National Technology Supervising Bureau in July, 2002.

The series of educational equipment including physical, chemical, biological, physical education, fine arts, laboratory equipment and educational equipment have been listed into the research project of “21st Century Classroom” and specialized unit to draft trade standard by the Ministry of Education. In order to carry out the essence of the Education Condition and Equipment Conference by National Ministry of Education and Zhejiang Ministry of Education and in order to do better in equipping instruments so that relevant units can purchase the needed instrument only one time favorably and conveniently, our company, after selecting among the manufacturers which produce teaching instrument, carefully chose 50 more ones with reliable quality to build up the joint management and joint market network. Thereby, they have the right to purchase all the instruments on our production list directly and timely with reasonable price and besides assuring quality, assuring quantity and united delivery. And especially the network is convenient for the education departments and schools to purchase and order the instrument directly. The price is subject to change without further notice, prior to the new price of our company.

Post time: Jun-23-2020