High school 24V 3a lcd regulated power supply

High school 24V 3a lcd regulated power supply

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Zhejiang, China
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1V-25V 2V-24V
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6A4A2A 12A6A3A
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High school 24V 3a lcd regulated power supply

Stable DC output 1V-25V/6A4A2A,with ammeter; AC output 2V-24V/12A6A3A, short current is 40A DC timed output limit.All the outputs are overload-protection.

1. AC output
Nominal voltage: total is twelve grades, 2-24V, each grade is 2V.
Rated current: 2-6V grade is 12A, 8-12V grade is 6A, 14-24 grade is 3A.
Unload voltage: power supply voltage is 220V. Each grade 1.05Usuperscript+0.3V.
Full-load voltage: power supply voltage is 220V, and output current is 5A. Each grade 0.95Usuperscript-0.3V.
2. DC stabilized output
Nominal voltage: 1-25V can be continuous adjustable. Adjust 2-24V finely. Each grade is 2V and can adjust ±1V finely.
Rated current: 2-6V grade is 8A, 8-12V grade is 4A, 14-24V grade is 2A.
Voltage modulation: ± (2%Usuperscript+0.1V).
Voltage stability: 2% +0.1V. 
Load stability: 2% +0.1V.
Ripple coefficient: 1%.
Precision of voltmeter: 2.5grade.
3. Overload protection:
The power supply will stop automatically when the output current is 1.05-1.5times of rated current. Meantime, it can start the filament lamp is not more than rated current.
4. Short-term output of DC current
Output current: 40±10A (short-term)
Timer time: 8±1S, it will close automatically. 
Power supply input: AC220V±10% 50HZ

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